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                                                      Rise of an Entrepreneur

“I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others. I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent.”

-          Thomas Edison

Where major part of the population thinks entrepreneurship as an impossible venture, we would like to deny the thought of the majority. Several entrepreneurs are popping out from here and there, across the country, across the world.

Although, I am not an entrepreneur, but it is my desire to know, “what is the factor which drives entrepreneurship?” Is it the innate ability of an individual to grow big and own his or her own company or not to work under the leadership of somebody or is it the ability of an individual to analyze the molecules and create a business plan out of it or is it the greatest dream at the mid of the night or at the wee hours of early morning, Eureka! Eureka!

I got a chance to peep into the life of several Indian entrepreneurs who are doing extremely well in the global world and gaining laurels across nations. Quite a few of the entrepreneurs get their ancestral business which they expand with their innovative ideas and hunger to fulfill their vision. The next group consists of the individuals who are passionate to give shape to their dreams, whose enthusiasm to fly high exceeds his or hers patience, who has got the zeal to ruin himself to fulfill their dream.

I always wonder why people become entrepreneurs. What is so appetizing that people plunge into the fire leaving all the comfort? The answer I got was astonishing and has been discussed below.

The development of entrepreneurship:

·  Very small ideas clicked at the right time.

·  Identification of the opportunities with proper blend of the market understanding.

·  “No work is small”.

·  Childhood hobbies.

·  Strong determination to make your dream come true.

·  Dream, dream, dream and dream.

 Qualities of an Entrepreneur:                

Optimist a dream and converting it into a big business needs lots of optimism, a firm vision and difference for which you are going to be paid. The inbuilt risk taking ability is an added advantage to it.

 “Survival of the fittest”, first firmly hold your feet on the ground, and then try flying with your dreams. Most of the new business struggles a lot in its childhood. But as the business becomes adolescent it learns to swim across.







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